Bella's Big Girl Room.

We have finally reached ‘complete’ status on Bella’s big girl room, just this past week, so I have been working slowly on it for about 12 months…. Sigh.

I didn’t consult any interior designers or by no means am I calling myself a designer. I have been drawing inspiration from all sorts of places, mainly our store, what Bella likes/enjoys and a lovely interior designer I obsess over on Instagram/Facebook ~ Petite Vintage Interiors.

My main objective with posting Bella’s room is to get you motivated and inspired to get those kids rooms complete, and your dreams for them to become a reality – soon! And not in 12 months like me!

The first thing I put in this room were the gold spot decals, they took quite a bit of time to place on correctly but they make a huge impact on the space. These little decals are from an overseas company called Urban Walls; I found them after stalking Petite Vintage Interiors. We now sell similar gold spot decals from Papier D’Amour in our shop; they are more reflective and about 3 times the size.

[I will be posting a demo on these in our next blog so stay tuned!]

HANDY HINT: You can find great videos on installation on Urban Walls website, they are quite affordable for the impact they make.

Next purchase was our ‘Millie Frill Single Quilt Set’ which we sell through the store, usually in a cot size, Bella approved of this quilt, so in it went! Its all cotton, warm and includes a lot of pastel colours so it is really easy to coordinate with!

One of my D.I.Y. Ideas was to spray paint ‘B E L L A’ and the heart shaped shelf, to include a more blue into the room, (Bella’s only demand was blue – her favourite colour) I did the spray paint with ‘Rustoleum’ Baby Blue, I bought at Bunnings.

HANDY HINT: Our old sliding built in cupboard was given an update with a few rolls of spotted blue contact, normally used for book covering etc I seen this done on Pinterest somewhere along the line and happened to find this one at Bunnings.

Our storage saviours have been the cube cupboards, we have the Ikea 8 cube [Kallax – gloss white] with drawer and cupboard inserts, we also have the Bunnings 4 cube version in the built in cupboard. Ikea has also provided our bookshelves too – normally used as picture rails, I have seen these used in Petite Vintage Interiors rooms and plenty more on Pinterest/Instagram.

HANDY HINT: If you don’t live in close proximity to Ikea like me , with 2 kids and a small business, the idea of spending the day driving to Ikea and back seemed highly unlikely, you can use a local delivery service! I used Kollekt It, they were fantastic, I will be using them again.

For the most part, the toys on display are mostly from Bella Rose Boutique – of course!


Have shelves easy to reach, and minimal toys up high, to discourage climbing on furniture.

I have found labelling the clothing on the shelves in Bella’s cupboard helps with dressing in the morning.

I hope this post gives you a little push to 'get it done' and maybe some ideas on what is possible. Next up is Knox's room, stay posted!

Here's a behind the scenes for you ;) xx

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